Audit Reports

Logical analysis for the SEO Campaign

What good is any project? If it is not timely audited?
The sooner the better, the more extensive the best!

At Digital Profit, we choose to audit a website, before actually taking it’s reigns. A SEO audit checklist usually can be divided in the following sections.

  • How easily can the website be accessed?
  • How easily it is indexed by search engines.
  • On Page Optimization factors.
  • Off Page Optimization factors.
  • Competitor analysis of the existing competition your website has.

The aforementioned factors are, constantly checked and audited and not only in the beginning of the project.

The auditing concept can also be extended to other streams of digital marketing concepts as well. Be it Social Media, Paid Marketing or any other. With the correct checking parameters, any digital marketing campaign can be audited.

At Digital Profit, our constant supervision of our campaigns are done through these audit reports, which are readily shared with our customers to maintain total transparency on their projects.

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